Ryan Hemphill

Senior UX / Accessibility Professional


“Pursuits” refers to my creativity expressed outside my UX / Accessibility work...

Random Writings

I’ve always been a fan of the written word. Here’s a selection of some recent work. Enjoy!

To True or not to True?

When learning JavaScript, I found out about its “identity crisis”, an unresolved “truthiness” issue when verifying -- heck, let’s keep it simple and just say JavaScript has a “very loose handle on the truth.” Who better to express an identity crisis than Hamlet?? “To be or not to be” became “To True or not to True.” WARNING: This rewrite will only make sense to a JavaScript coder.

"To True or not to True..." (posted on LinkedIn)

Reflections of an Odd Duck

I’ve been encouraging my son’s reading skills through poetry, so we did a “joint-poem” where he created the theme and I composed rhymes. This theme involved curious mirrors that reflect things other than yourself. Or did they...? It’s starts with the following rhyme...

“Cluck, Cluck” said the duck...

Reflections of an Odd Duck

By Ryan Hemphill, concept by Carter Lue Hemphill

“Cluck, Cluck” said the duck,

“Quack, Quack!” I said back.

The duck got mad. The duck got cross.

He yelled out “Who made you the boss?”

“I’m not a duck! I am me!”

“I’m a chicken! You will see!”

“I saw a house. It had a door.”

“With mirrors there on every floor.”

“In those mirrors, I’m different birds!”

I did not believe a single word.

“We will go there! Past the tree!”

“I’m a chicken! You will see!”

“I’m not going. You are strange!”

But his mind could not be changed.

“I can be who I want to be!”

“I’m a chicken! You will see!”

“Fine.” I said, “What’s the harm?”

“But after go back to the farm.”

Duck was glad. Duck was happy.

His feathers went all flippy-flappy.

“Mirrors change you! You AND me!”

“I’m a chicken! You will see!”

“I’m a human, you silly duck.”

“Not for long!” he said and clucked.

I rolled my eyes. I made a smirk.

“You’re just a duck…with a quirk.”

“A bird who talks!” Which was true.

I could not fight THAT point of view.

“We are there!” He jumped with glee.

“I’m a chicken! You will see!”

“If you’re a chicken, I’m a cow.”

“But I’m not ‘moo-ing’ anyhow!”

The house was open. The door was wide.

We climbed the steps. We walked inside.

And when we left, duck turned to me,

and said, “Now, who will you be?”

I said, “Moo.”

Non-Digital Art

I've got nothing against digital art. That said, having grown up in an artistic household, nothing beats the calm meditative state of studio arts.

I used to paint Motorcycles

Yes, I used to paint motorcycles and it’s just as cool as it sounds. Until you have to polish/sand clear coat. Still, it was a great experience and I’m glad I took the opportunity. (click on images to expand)

Bomber Tank, side view